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A B O U T    N I C O L O


Extensive information regarding our top quality cutlery. We provide you here
with all you need to know regarding our exquisite, stylishly designed cutlery.
Your dining table is set with beautiful plates and precious glasses, what
you are missing is our stylishly designed cutlery which adds beauty
.to your lovely table. A large selection of top quality cutlery
Please take a look and let us
surprise you with our selection

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W O R L D   O F   N I C O L O

Our Exquisite and stylishly designed cutlery is here waiting for you. You will
find our top quality which is still may missing in your tableware. From now
on with our exquisite and stylishly designed cutlery, made of precious
materials, you are able to decorate your table even more beautiful
than ever. We are looking forward to your contact regarding any
detailed information about our products. Romans Knew the
art of living and dining joyfully
so does Nicolo GmbH

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V I P    S E R V I C E

We engrave our cutlery individually and according to your wishes with our
leading laser -printing machine.
For example, with engraved cutlery with your name, logo or initial you will
make your cutlery distinctive individual pieces!
Whether at home or in your restaurant or catering.
Convince yourself!
Click here for more information

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