Santoku – knife

Cerasteel 7″

Santoku – knife

Blade length : 17 cm

Hardness 64 HRC

Handle : G10 Fiberglas

Conically ground precision blade for unparalleled sharpness

Cerasteel – your new best friend in the kitchen



Cerasteel , a compound between ceramic and metal adopted from space travel, is significantly harder than conventional blade steel. Therefore, a sensational cutting power and sharpness is guaranteed.

Cermet , known from the aerospace industry, a compound of metal( MET) and ceramics (CER) that protects, for example, the extremely stressed turbine blades and drive shafts of a fighter aircraft from fracture.

This compound is significantly harder than anything previously used.

Cerasteel takes advantage of these special properties to make preparing food in your kitchen a pleasure. We use this material, which combines the properties of ceramic, which is extremely hard, and steel, which is elastic and flexible at the same time. When you look closely at our knife blades, you can see a slight shadow that shows the layers of Cermet applied by laser. This is exactly what makes our blades sharp for a very, very long time.