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Advice on care
Beautiful things need attention and Care !
To keep your Nicolo cutlery looking in pristine condition for as long as possible there is some advice you should follow.
For silver , silverplated and goldplated we recommend washing by hand , as modern detergents could corrode the silver and gold in the dishwasher .
Rinse off any pieces of Food on the cutlery immediately after use and do not leave it for too long before washing.
Cutlery should not be soaked or left damp.
When cleaning cutlery in the dish-washer place it in the cutlery basket in random order with the handles downwards.
Remove your cutlery as soon as possible after the dishwasher has finished and dry it if needed.
If it is not possible, please open the dish-washer door to let steam scape and to prevent moisture accumulating.
We recommend letting the dishwasher run empty once after refilling with salt.
Enjoy your Nicolo Cutlery !

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