For care

Beautiful things need attention and care.
To maintain the pristine appearance of your Nicolo cutlery for as long as possible, you should follow a few guidelines.
For silver, silver-plated, and gold-plated cutlery, hand cleaning is recommended as modern dishwasher detergents can attack the silver and gold in the dishwasher.
Clean your cutlery after use of coarse food residues, and never leave it un-rinsed for an extended period of time.
Cutlery should not be soaked or left damp.
When washing in the dishwasher, place the cutlery pieces in the basket unsorted with the handle down.
Remove your cutlery from the machine as soon as possible after the washing cycle is finished and dry it if necessary. If this is not possible, please open the door of the machine so that the steam can escape and no moisture builds up.
We recommend performing an empty wash cycle after replenishing your dishwasher with regenerating salt.

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